If I Had To Pick

What to do with my last two postings. As I skimmed through the titles of posts I thought it befitting to come up with what I felt were the most inspired. Not necessarily in the writing sense as I couldn’t begin to judge myself.

If I did I would probably trash them all.

These are my top five.

Please Don’t Spit In My Food

I find writing a about personal experiences and the people I meet in my travels the most inspirational. It’s an opportunity to tell a story about something that has actually physically happened to me. Although in telling the story it’s also fun to add some necessary window dressing enhancing the experience. Like adding salt to a meal to bring out the flavour.

Bringing Home The Flowers 

I don’t think there was a time that I could place myself in someone else’s shoes and know exactly how he felt when I saw this man buying flowers and the look on his face that matched perfectly his body language telling me this man was walking himself to his own execution and that buying flowers would somehow deaden the pain. Although this post was written light-heartedly I don’t think I could have had more solidarity for a human being than at this time.

Dear Blog

I always did enjoy writing letters. Not so much in the days I had to use pen and paper and depend on my penmanship  Those reading my letters would usually have to hire an interpreter to translate and that interpreter would have to be me as I was the only one who could read them.

When it got so bad that I couldn’t translate my own letters I had to finally succumb to modern technology. The typewriter. My letters then looked more like someone who cut himself shaving with little patches of toilet paper all across his to stop the bleeding.

When the PC’s and emails were discovered (the greatest in modern history as far as I am concerned) I was set free to write personal letters at will. I became a letter writing stud.

This letter touched My Blog so much it fell in love with me and has since begged me not to leave.

Honey, I Have Some Bad News

An experience, via a phone call that lasted not more than a minute or two but had the impact of a bolt of electricity that jolted me to a realization of what is truly important in this life. When you have had the experience of what bad news really is, it makes all other news of less importance seem trivial. This was one of those trivial times.

Finding My Writing Voice

If I had to pick a number one it would be this post. For the simple reason that I had the most fun writing this post and I laughed out loud as I put it together in my mind and wrote it. It not only was good subject matter because it was something that is not only needed by every writer but the importance of every writer finding his own writing voice.

Sure, I would love to write like the best of the best. Who wouldn’t but the difference would be that it wouldn’t be real and it wouldn’t be me so when I came to the realization of who my voice was and what it sounded like I was happy as Larry (whoever Larry is).

I had so much fun writing this piece. My voice doesn’t always come through like this but when it does I always have such a feeling of satisfaction and “feel good” flowing through my veins. If I did have a muse he or she would be such a cheeky bastard always looking to stir up trouble.

You are entitled to your own opinion but in order to have an opinion you must read it first.


Your thoughts and ideas are valuable to me

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