Am I There Yet?

Enjoy The Journey In Between 

Since my wife and I were a young couple we loved to travel. When we got our home on wheels, a fully fitted combi van big enough to sleep our small family of 5, when not travelling converted into a kitchen and dining room.

But it turned out I was a frustrating travel companion for my dear patient wife. She loved to smell the roses along the road from point A to point B.  She wanted to explore and learn and teach as she took every opportunity to take in all the world had to offer.

Thanks to me that rarely happened.

I wanted A & B to connect without anything in between. I was a “Am I there yet” type of person. I had my mind on doing what we needed to do when we got to where we were going and never really learned the importance of enjoying what was in between.

For the record I was quite happy albeit reluctant to pull over for potty stops and throwing up, if needed. I was forced by the hand of my dear wife to pull over for meals “or else”. I never did find out what the “or else” meant.

I just didn’t understand there was a fun way to do this.

We still love travelling but have had to put it on the back burner, by choice, for a time until we are ready to launch out once again and make our mark on the world.

While we wait until all the pieces of the puzzle fall in to place I have been making a conscious effort to enjoy the in between of my present  situation.

Each day is likened to travelling to my final destination and I have two choices as I see it. Get through it as fast as possible as I did in my early travel years or  enjoy the day to day activities no matter how mundane and monotonous they seem to be.

For the record.

I love all my would be, well-balanced, successful, full of life, determined and energetic and positive children who are so easy to live with and take to fatherly advice like water off a ducks back.

Who doesn’t love his dog that waits until she goes for her daily walk and leaves a love message on the neighbours lawn.

Lets not forget how enjoyable it can be not to worry about making your finances stretch like Silly Putty with all bills paid on time with plenty left over for the extras.

Sometimes my work day is a blur at the end of each day I was having so much fun.

Yet this has become an endless learning phase to prepare me for our next big travel experience.

Life is so much like travelling from one destination to another in that no matter how far and how tedious the trip appears be, learn to enjoy the in between.

Each night as I lay in bed reviewing all the wonderful events of the day I realize that it brings me one day closer to my final destination.

I feel my eyelids reluctantly closing its shutters for the day and smile as my last words uttered are, “am I there yet”?


One thought on “Am I There Yet?

  1. I know how you feel. When we’re young and have family responsibilities life is all about planning and raising children and keeping our financial heads above water.
    Mrs GOF and I are very different people too. She likes to smell the roses and stop and take endless photographs……I’m still “destination focused” and while I am improving and slowing down as i get older I suspect I’ll never achieve her level of patience and tranquillity.

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