How An Iced Coffee Changed My Day

Someday I will learn to think before I speak. But not today.

When Rhonda and I have time together a coffee is usually on the cards. Being so hot where we live right now an iced coffee is our first choice.

We very rarely digress from our order. I did this time.

waitress – May I help you?

Rhonda – Yes, an iced coffee.

waitress. With ice cream and whipped cream?

Rhonda – Yes, add one sugar and make that a skinny (low-fat milk).

I always find this order amusing and I do everything to keep from smiling.

waitress – And you sir?

me – I would also like an iced coffee. No Ice cream, no whipped cream and no sugar and could you make that a fatty (full cream milk).

Our waitress tried very hard not to smile.

I was advised to walk home alone. I smiled all the way.

Why am I so intent on torturing myself?

Yes, my wife still loves me and she does have a great sense of humor. She married me.


2 thoughts on “How An Iced Coffee Changed My Day

  1. When I do things like that the young folk look at me with a bemused “what a weird old fellow” look on their faces. The young can be so perceptive at times. 🙂 Nice story.

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