Damsel In Distress

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Superman was my hero from the beginning. Over the years I fantasized the day when I could use his powers to help me save the world, help fight crime and all the rest that goes with being super human.

As time moved on and the years passed by I was just happy to save a damsel in distress. Any damsel and any kind of distress as long as my super powers came into play.

Fifty years later my time had come.

This is my story

Taking my last load back to the loading dock for the day a slow leak in one of my tires caused me to have to stop and fill up with air. The night was one of those miserable haunted house movie types of nights. Torrential rain had set in hours ago making the task at hand that much harder.

Finding a service station with a working air hose is not always the easiest task but I got lucky on my 3rd try. Pulling up to the hose, the rain getting heavier with each passing minute and thunder lurking in the back ground gave a great setting for a horror movie.

Damsels in distress

The vehicle next to me was up on a jack with two ladies standing in the rain with umbrellas hovering over what looked like a car manual.  Getting out of my truck one of the damsels approached me and asked if I knew anything about getting tires off a car.

I knew it right away; I looked for a phone booth but none that I could see. I wandered around to the back of the car.  They couldn’t get the tire off.  The thunder was getting closer, the rain heavier and the wind was starting to whip up.

I gave a few tugs at the tire but it wouldn’t come off the wheel casing.  I gave another tug but nothing. One more try I thought to myself, I sent up a silent word to Superman and gave the heave of my life and the tire came off and I fell backwards.

At the same time the car started to shift, I knew right away the jack was tilting and I had to do something. I was a foot away from the back of the car and found the bumper and held it up. I don’t know where I got the strength from but that car stayed off the ground until I gave instruction to put the wheel under the cylinder so as not to cause damage to the undercarriage of the car if it hit the ground.

It all happened so fast and when I dropped the back of the car it landed directly on the tire. Every muscle in my body was shaking but I did the unthinkable.

Jacking up the car putting the new tire on and watching our damsels drive off was the greatest feeling. I became a super hero. My cargo got to the docks on time and I was able to get home without a flat tire myself.


Did this happen

At the same time the car started to shift, I knew right away the jack was tilting and I had to do something. I grabbed the inside of the open trunk and tried to hold the car from moving so the jack would stabilize. I wasn’t strong enough and I could feel the car moving and I knew the car was falling off the jack. The car fell and hit the ground.

The force slammed the trunk closed and landed right on my pinkie finger. It was shut flush and all I could see was half my finger. The other half was somewhere in the trunk hopefully still attached. I wasn’t sure because I couldn’t feel anything.

The ladies rushed to my side and asked if I was ok and did it hurt. I told them it didn’t hurt but could they please release the trunk cable so it would open. I said all this with a smile on my face while the pain was starting to infiltrate straight to the finger. I just couldn’t tell if the pain was on the half finger seen or unseen.

The trunk opened and finger escaped, still intact although squashed. Holding onto the little fella I surveyed the damage. What a mess. The rain continued to pour down. But the worst was yet to come.

Just at this time a car pulled up and out jumped two young men that looked like they lived at the gym. They got right onto salvaging the situation while I inconspicuously found my way out of there. If I had a tail it would have been firmly placed between my legs.

I got an earful from my supervisor for being late and I had a flat tire by the time I got home.

So what really happened?

Did you guess correctly?  




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