The Perfect Match Warts and All

Thanks to Warts and all

What is a soul mate? Do you have one?

How do you know when you have met your soul mate?

Is the woman I am with my soul mate? That has to be my first question.

As I say this I look around to make sure my wife is not in ear shot and the door to my den is locked. I turn up the radio full blast and close all windows. I shut my eyes in case a lightning bolt strikes me when I say….

‘The woman I am with is not my soul mate’.

Whew. No burnt hair or clothing. No irate intruder trying to bash my door in.

In saying this I had to come to some sort of conclusion of what a soul mate is. I am sure it has different meaning and relevance to each person.

I only have to ask one question.

Does she like sports?

The answer comes quick, sharp and without compassion for my feelings.

She says, ‘no, I HATE sports.

Game over. She is not my soul mate.

She would love the things I love. I would love the things she loves. She would hate the things I hate and I would hate the things she hates.

She would enjoy being with me 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Wait a minute. What am I talking about? My soul mate would be exactly like me.

Oh no, that would mean that I would be virtually living with me.

I am not ready for another me. The world is not ready for another me.

Even if God made a mistake and made another me I would not want to live with him.

Let’s take this a step further. If a soul mate would love everything about me, love the things I love, does that mean that I would love everything about my soul mate, the things my soul mate loves?

The upside of this scenario is she loves sports. The down side I hate shopping, the opera, ballet, gooey movies, pudding.

My non soul mate wife is starting to look pretty good.

Let me re-evaluate my present situation.

I have a woman who loves me for me in spite of me.

I have a woman who accepts me for who I am, warts and all.

I have a woman who has many idiosyncrasies and funny habits.

I have a woman who if she could would give me portable ears and take them with her wherever she went.

Does that bother me? Yes.

Do we enjoy this life together in spite of the bumpy roller coaster ride we have taken together? Yes.

Is she perfect? No.

Am I perfect? Ha.

My bottom line? She may not be my soul mate but she is my perfect match.

How do you see what a soul mate should be to you.

Do you have a soul mate or perfect match?

If you find someone that you think is your soulmate, someone you could potentially spend the rest of your life with, why ruin it by staying together?  Elvira Kurt


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